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Sunday School


We gather together every week to worship, pray and reflect in worship. This is a casual gathering to engage in the sacred opportunity to enter into the presence of God with each other.


Music:  Worship is an interactive, participatory experience. You are invited to join in as we praise God through singing by following the on-screen lyrics. Children are dismissed for Kids' Church during music time, before the message, so you may worship together as a family.

Message:  The teaching time seeks to communicate God's truth in compelling, relevant ways. We believe the Bible is primary to living the lives we've been created for and love to learn and reflect together.

sunday school & Small Groups

Becoming a healthy disciple requires more than attendance to a Sunday morning worship service.  The primary way for you to grow, connect, and live in partnership with others is by getting connected in a discipleship group, such as Sunday School or a Small Group.


Sunday School has been a central part of our DNA for nearly 100 years. It is core to the discipleship and community of our church's life.  On Sundays at 9:30am we have different classes to choose from, that serve all ages, but they are all focused on helping you become more like Christ.


The primary purpose of our Small Groups is to study the Bible together, in community with each other.  Small Groups help you to build relationships, learn God’s Word, and find joy and purpose in our lives with Christ.  In the Small Groups at Greentown Wesleyan, we encourage one another, celebrate life's accomplishments together, observe traditions together, and rejoice together when God answers prayers.

Children's Ministry

children's ministry

We offer a great children's ministry program where we have balanced learning, worship, and fun in a way that kids will want to come back week after week.

Our Children's Sunday School classes are discipleship groups for you to grow, connect, and live in partnership with others.  This is a time where the teacher and student can focus, together, on becoming more like Christ.  In Sunday School, our children learn the Bible stories that are going to shape their spiritual development for the rest of their lives.

Kids' Church* is another exciting opportunity for our children. We believe it is vital to the life of the church to have families worship together in the service, and model proper worship for our children.  Therefore our children start the worship service with the adults but then are dismissed to their own special worship time where they learn God's word and how to apply that to loving and serving the people around them.

*We do not have Kids' Church on the fifth Sunday of the month in order to give our children the opportunity to worship with their families during the entire service.

Youth Ministry

youth ministry

Our Youth Ministry aims to serve our whole community by giving young people a place to find their own faith in Jesus Christ... and have some fun doing it.

Our 6th-12th grade students are an important part of Greentown Wesleyan.  Intergenerational relationships are one of the keys to building lasting faith in students, therefore the students are involved in the worship service, with their families, every Sunday.


Youth group meets on Sunday nights from 5-7pm.  They also do small and large events each month.

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